Immunotherapy is a type of cancer treatment that uses your own immune system to slow the growth and spread of cancer cells, and destroy existing cancer cells.

How does it work?

The immune system helps your body fight infections and other diseases. Usually this includes preventing cancer because your body detects and fights the abnormal cells. Sometimes, the cancer cells can hide from the immune system so it doesn’t know to where to find them, or your natural immune system might not be strong enough to fight the abnormal cell growth.

Immunotherapy can either boost your immune system to help it fight the cancer, and/or make it easier for your immune system to identify cancer cells and help destroy existing cancer cells, or slow their growth.

Immunotherapy can be given in different forms, including: orally (via pills or liquid), injected, topically (as a cream), or intravesically, delivered directly into the bladder. Like other forms of treatment, immunotherapy is given over a period of time, often in cycles depending on each individual case.

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